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Noble Adult & Community Education

Lets Get Ready to GARDEN!

with Amy Wentworth


Have you been wanting to start a garden but aren't sure how to get started? Have your prior attempts at growing turned brown? If you've gardened before or not, would you like to plan your garden with a group of fellow plant and dirt lovers?

We will savor seed catalogs and packets, discuss various options for planting and garden design for whatever your situation. We will plan for starting seeds, purchasing plants, and transplanting. The class will cover the basics of garden care through the growing season, address individual questions/situations, and provide resources for you to continue your gardening adventures. There may even be some seedling swapping and a forum for celebrations and support outside of class.

See below for each class topic (for furthur information, please visit our website to see full class descriptions).

January 18: "I Dream of Green" Orientation to the series, participant goals, and exploration of garden plants and growing options.

• Complete a brief survey of what they want to gain from the course
   series and their gardening goals.
• Learn to “read” plant catalogs and seed packets while
   exploring varieties, traits, and growing needs of their favorite plants.
• Select 5 plant types that they want to grow and investigate their 
   growth habits, and growing needs in preparation for later sessions 
   of the series.

February 15: "Where Can I put my Garden?" Exploration of growing options.

• Explore basics of in-ground planting, raised beds,
   and container planting.
• Develop a plan for locating their own garden and determine the
   growing methods that are most suited for them while addressing
   practical aspects for preparing their garden*.
• Learn about the basics of soil and soil preparation for their chosen
   gardening method.

March 14: "So....I bought these seed packets..." Seeds and Seedlings.

• Learn some basic botany.
• Learn about seeds and their needs for growth.
• Learn about sowing dates and make a plan for planting the seeds
   they want to plant to be used later.
• Learn about low cost/low tech seed starting methods and materials.
• Plan materials for the next session and additional seed starting at home.

April 11: Getting Muddy! Hands on seed starting

• Plant a tray of a variety of seedlings to take home.
• Learn about planting depth and germination needs for a
   variety of seeds, and care for their early seedlings.

Participants may bring their own seeds, containers and seed starting mix or use materials provided by the instructor for a materials fee (if a stand alone session it is recommended that participants use provided materials as planning and information for this occurred in March session).

May 16: Seedlings! Care and Planning for Planting

• Check in on their started seeds. Any challenges will be discussed
   for problem solving.
• Learn about direct seeding (outdoors).
• Learn about transitioning their seedlings outdoors.
• Develop a plan for their own growing spaces considering plant size
   at maturity, growing habits and plant needs.

Participants will be provided with Extension Office recommended practices for garden safety and hygiene and information the county Extension office and resources (soil testing, pest id, and more).

June 13: "Gonna Make This Garden Grow!" Care of the summer garden.

• Learn fundamentals of plant and garden care through
   the growing season.
• Learn about succession and companion planting, pruning and trellising,
   weeding and deadheading, pests and pest control, composting
   and harvesting.

Non-chemical weed and pest management methods will be discussed. Participants will be provided with Extension Office approved information on pest and weed control, garden hygiene and composting.

There will be a $10 material fee that will cover soil and seeds.

Amy has been growing indoors and out for 30+ years and is a member of the York County Master Gardener Volunteer Class of 2021. 

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  • Session 1: Jan 18 - Jun 13th, 2024
    Thu from 6:00 - 7:30 pm
    Class has begun

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